Brussels Unchained is a community for road cyclists based in Brussels, Belgium. We pride ourselves in offering you rides that are inclusive for women and men alike, and where all skill levels ride together.

With over 260+ riders, we provide you with a platform to participate in and organise your group rides. Welcome to the Brussels Peloton.

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Événements à venir

Bienvenue à nouveau
Apr 02, 2024 - 18:30
Mobility Center Van Den Borre, Avenue François Malherbe 66-68, 1070 Anderlecht
Organisateur de sortie: Brussels Unchained
Fast Tuesday S24E01
Flying with Flamingos
Apr 05, 2024 - 18:00
TANDEM, Avenue des Arts 7, 1210 Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode
Organisateur de sortie: Brussels Unchained
TGIF Friday S24E01
Camp d'entraînement Equipes de Course
Apr 19, 2024 - 17:00
Nassogne, Belgique
Organisateur de sortie: Brussels Unchained x SOC
S2024 Racing

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